WhatsApp Latest Features June 2021

WhatsApp launching new features to its 2 billion users who continue to enjoying this messaging app from Facebook family as their favorite. Its official blog says that, the company has announced the next news that users will be able to use within a few weeks. And this time the features are:

WhatsApp Latest Features

  1. WhatsApp QR Codes
  2. Animated stickers
  3. Dark theme
  4. Group video call

1. WhatsApp QR Codes:

By this new feature QR code you can easily add to your contact without saving their number in your phonebook. This QR code helps to get its data in to the user contacts. So, it will be possible to quickly add a new contact and we don’t need any manual help for updating a user in the phone contacts.

2. Animated Stickers for WhatsApp:

The other novelty concerns the animated stickers that now come out of the beta version and sell inserted inside the app in a stable manner. It’s true, they arrive a little late on WhatsApp, other similar applications have been using them for some time, but it was inevitable that sooner or later it would also happen for WhatsApp. Specifically, they are nothing but the static stickers already present in the app, but with that touch of animation that makes them useful for certain situations.

3. Enhanced Group Video Call facility:

One more upcoming feature related to group video calls which for some time have been possible by inviting up to 8 users simultaneously. The novelty is that it will now be possible to focus on the individual user within the conversation. To do this, just hold down the user’s video to view it in full screen. A video icon has also been added in chats with up to 8 participants, so you can start a group video call with a single touch.

4. Dark Theme for WhatsApp web version:

And the one more important upcoming feature is dark mode option for web version of the whatsapp. WhatsApp continuously releasing the enhanced updates to their user family with enhancing their privacy also. To enjoy these update features just wait for the official release statement from the WhatsApp official blog and once if the update released update it from the Google Playstore or Apple app store.

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