Quick tech review of 2020

We are living in 2020 technology era. There is much more speed than last decade. In all the aspects like technology, speed, medical innovations, science etc. We need to know technology updates in 2020 and what technology inventions and updates happening in this year. There are top four technology things are inventions are going around us now. They are 5G technology, Smart Glasses, Multi cloud developments, A journey of windows 7.

  • 5G technology
  • Smart Glasses
  • Multi cloud developments
  • Journey of windows 7

Technology updates in 2020 starts with 5G mobile communications. The present 4G LTE mobile network technology is going to be outstripping by the 5G mobile network. Almost testing of 5G is almost over in all cities of India. Still, there are many questions like how this signal stays stable, is this 5g has any danger to health, and what about the cost of the 5g supported mobile phones. So, we researched some information related to the 5G network and we analyzed here. Let’s see what is 5G.

5G technology

What is 5G – The term 5G indicates new generation technologies and standards for mobile communication. This “fifth generation”, which follows the previous 2G, 3G, and 4G, is, therefore, the connection technology that will use our Smartphone’s, but also and above all the many connected objects (IoT, Internet of things) around us, intended for to be more and more numerous. One of the main characteristics of this network is, in fact, precisely that of allowing many more connections at the same time, with high speed and very rapid response times. Moreover, it is not a question of the simple evolution of the current 4G network, because it has completely different technical characteristics, not only for the amount of broader bandwidth and speed; it is precisely a different way of managing communications and coverage, with different frequencies, antennas, and data transmission techniques than in the past.

The performance will be superior especially in terms of latency, that is, of response times to the command given to the connected object (for example, if we think of the connected cars, it is the time that passes between when a sensor on the road indicating the stop transmits to the command to stop and the moment when the car actually stops). This response time will drop to 1-10 milliseconds, about 10 times less than the current 50-100 milliseconds of 4G (and this is one of the aspects considered most important for the new digital services that are expected to be developed).

Smart Glasses

This is one of the best technology news in the 2020 because this will change the way we look with augment reality (AR). Which will definitively incorporate the digital world into the physical one, without any more separations. That’s why in our personal list of 2020 novelties in the world of technology the advent of the latest generation smart glasses could not be missing. Most searching term in technology updates in 2020.

Multi cloud developments

Have you finally converted to cloud computing and now you could no longer do without it? Well, but know that it is already time to look forward. In the coming months, in fact, more and more people and above all companies that will switch to multi cloud will be equipped with infrastructures capable of integrating public and private cloud services from different suppliers. The main reason is simple: this heterogeneity allows you to make the most of the characteristics of individual clouds, various servers and new technologies. Among the innovations that the technology sector will reserve for us in 2020, this is one of the most salient. This can change the entire cloud platform and this will be the ongoing development in technology updates in 2020.

Journey of windows 7

 Last but not the least in technology updates in 2020 is windows 7. On January 14th, 2020, Microsoft discontinued extended support for Windows 7, which is still one of the most popular operating systems in the world today. Do you know what it means? Basically, from that date, users can no longer receive security updates and request technical assistance. If on paper nothing prevents you from continuing to use the operating system, in practice it is not the ideal choice: without these features, in fact, threats to security increase, so in fact you would be at the mercy of cybercrime. Without forgetting that, once the extended support has ended, the compatibility of various hardware components also ends.