Ola Electric Scooter – A Quick Glance

Most smartphone users already well have an idea about the Ola app. It’s one of the leading online cab booking applications in India. Mr. Bhavish Aggarwal is the chairman and CEO of the Ola group. Recently Ola announced its first electric vehicle (EV) as Ola electric scooter and had an MoU with the Tamilnadu government which value worth 2,400 crores of electric vehicle plant. Present you can book the Ola electric scooter with a token amount of 499 INR on Ola. Let’s have a quick look at the Ola electric scooter features, price and etc.

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Ola Electric Scoote Features:

  1. Ola electric scooter can charge easily up to 50% within 18 minutes by this you can drive nearly 75kilometeres.

2. Keyless Access – You can lock/unlock this electric scooter with an application on your phone. And there will be another option of physical also.

3. Highest boot space in the electric vehicle range.

4. You can fully charge this Ola electric scooter for nearly 35-45minutes.

5. Drive at a top speed of 95 KMPH,

6. Once fully charged this electric scooter gives 240KM’s.

7. Powerful 7kW motor

8. Ola electric scooter comes in attractive 10 colours. Also read: Role of a processor in a smart phone

Price of Ola Electric Scooter

With these frequent price hikes of fuel, we can definitely consider this Ola electric scooter. Because nowadays a 150CC engine bikes price around 1L to 1.2L and this Ola electric scooter price also in this range only. So, here price is not matters and we can drive comfortably on this electric scooter with unique designs.

Charging Stations

One of the important points here is Ola electric scooter looks at charging stations that work on Hypercharge and nearly they are going to set up these charging points in nearly 400 cities in India.