Boost Your WiFi signal

In this covid 19 pandemic situation, most of the IT companies offer work from home (WFH) for their employees. And they also accept this decision in more positive ways like they can do their office work from their home without step out, they can save their lives from this coronavirus, they can happily spend these days with their loved ones and finally, they can eat homely food also. But, the most important thing while doing work from home is the Internet connection. If employees living in metropolitan areas and developing cities then there is no problem with internet connection. But, if employees are living in rural areas, manuals (Panchayats) areas they will experience the internet problems like signal connectivity and low speed of internet.

If we follow few techniques we will increase Wi-Fi signals. Let’s see, how it is possible. Also read: Telegram Group Video Calling Feature

1. Place your router in an open place

To get a faster internet connection like speedy internet places your router in an open area, not in a closed area. Example – place router near to window to get a better internet connection. If the router is placed in a closed home then walls block Wi-Fi signals and avoids the spreading of wifi signals. If router is in open area then router freely transfers the signals and we will get internet in direction of the home/room. By this, we can increase Wi-Fi signals.

2. Lift your router off the ground

Always place your WiFi router above ground because signals can’t penetrate floors, metal, or concrete surfaces. And routers transmit the signals in lower directions also.

3. Keep it away from other electronic devices

If the router placed with other electronic devices then signal interference will occur then it leads to a noise effect. For this reason, also the internet speed can be decreased. Also read: Message disappear feature in WhatsApp

4. Point the router antennas in different directions

If your router has two antennas then adjust them in different directions like one in horizontally and other in vertically or one in vertically and other antenna in horizontally.

5. Measure your internet signal

If you still getting the low internet speed even by following the above techniques then once check the internet speed with available sources. If the speed of internet connection is still low then contact your service provider.  

From the above techniques we can increase Wi-Fi signals. If you have facing the low Wi-Fi issue follow the tips which we mentioned and happy surfing.