Tricks to Increase Your Laptop Speed

In this covid pandemic situation, most of the IT employees are doing work from home (WFH). The employees who are using the laptops to do their office work will mostly face the issue of laptop speed and performance. Generally, if the work doing from the office then mostly they suppose to do the work through the desktops because desktops are not much hung compare with laptops. So to increase your laptop speed and its performance Techinfotrends suggesting a few tips and tricks. This will definitely work and improves your laptop speed and performance. You are no need to pay high to increase laptop speed and performance. Just follow the tricks. Also read: How to book Ola Electric Scooter

1. Prefer Cloud Storage

Use cloud storage so that your laptop’s drive remains free and fast. Google, Apple, and Microsoft have their cloud storage. Believe me, this is going to be the best alternative to an overloaded low local drive.

2. Don’t Try Multi-task

Multi-tasking makes your laptop work a little slow. Always pick the necessary tasks and once it is completed then close the tabs and click on refresh a couple of times.

3. Upgrading to Better RAM and ROM

Over time, heavily used laptops tend to work slower than the previous times. It would be good enough if you estimate the load on your laptop, and then, install 8 GB Ram for all the above tasks and 16/32 GB Ram for quick job deliveries.

Also, the hard drive of your computer can get a heavy load. Replacing it with the newer version and the latest technology will save a lot of your time in processing.

4. Deleting Useless Programs

Always free up your laptops from useless files and programs. Your hard drive might be full of songs, photos, videos, files, and programs that are of no use anymore. Deleting them will give you a better speed. Also read: What is NTFS and FAT

5. Checking for Virus/Malwares

Spyware, adware, malware, and other computer viruses are well known for slowing and crashing down computers. Before any serious loss, run anti-virus programs to secure your files.

Windows 10 is designed with built-in Microsoft antivirus protection that can save you from:

  1. Virus, malware, and spyware protection and removal
  2. Boot-time protection
  3. Cloud-based protection
  4. Network inspection

To sum up, these are the reasons that could slow down your laptop. Take all the necessary measures discussed here to prevent your laptop from being slow.

Follow the above tips and tricks for your laptop and make it faster than the previous one to finish your work on time without any delay.