How to Host a Domain – Hosting Process

It’s always somehow a tricky process hosting a website on the server. Here Techinfotrends presenting you a brief about the process of hosting a website on a server in points manner. So, you won’t be confused from now and you can save this for later work whenever the hosting process comes. Let’s get into the step by step hosting process.

Hosting Process Step By Step:

  1. Buy a domain as per the business/service-related.
  2. Select domain extension inform of .com/.in/ etc.
  3. Difference between domain extension is .com – related to world level offering service and .in – Related to India level service
  4. .org mostly choose by the organizations/charities etc.
  5. Once you finish the domain purchasing need to choose the hosting of the website.
  6. There are various hosting services in the market like GoDaddy, Namecheap, HostGator, Bluehost, etc. But in all these Techinfotrends prefers Namecheap. Because they are offering various services at affordable prices.
  7. ALWAYS PURCHASE DOMAIN & HOSTING FROM ONE COMPANY ONLY. Because there are some charges for transferring the domain from one to another company.
  8. Once hosting purchasing finishes, log in with the given credentials in the c-panel page.
  9. In c-panel, click on click on WordPress software and install it in the server.
  10. Once installation completes then login with the website/wp-admin URL and enter your WordPress admin username and password.
  11. Here while installing WordPress we can able to set our username and password. So choose clearly. Even though if you forgot you can retrieve it by mail if which you entered in the installation process.
  12. Why techinfotrends highlighted WordPress means there is a somehow less difficult process for creating a website. And we have huge WordPress themes that are not lower than the HTML or PHP based website templates.