How to Enable Disappear Feature in WhatsApp

WhatsApp – one of the top chatting application in the world. Almost all mobile phones either android or an iPhone definitely has this chatting application. WhatsApp updating great features to the users to increase their UI experience. Previously, they rolled out a feature like group video calling option, new animated stickers. Now, WhatsApp rolling the new feature – Disappearing the messages, photos and videos after a several days.

Let us explaining you with an example – If a WhatsApp group has daily huge chatting with photo sharing, video sharing, file sharing definitely it annoys few persons in that group. And also it takes more memory every time if your WhatsApp groups has more number of videos surely you can buy a high internal memory smartphone. To avoid this we had only one option like need to delete manually. Now, this has been changed yes, WhatsApp latest disappearing feature you can relax and easily chat with your loved ones.

WhatsApp had operated out the disappearing messages feature in 2020. The feature allows users to send temporary messages to their contacts that will disappear after seven days.

This is an opt-in feature, and you will notice it if you switch the mode on. WhatsApp was proposing a similar feature for photos and videos as well.

“WhatsApp is working on self-destructing images in a future update for iOS and Android. Cannot export self-destructing photos from WhatsApp. WhatsApp didn’t implement a screenshot detection for self-destructing pictures yet. The corresponding concept from Instagram Direct,” the report stated.

The images that are sent when the disappearing messages mode is on cannot be saved. The photos or videos can only be played or viewed once, and you cannot even consider them repeatedly if you wish to.

Cannot export the image cannot export the image unless. You can take a screenshot, though, because WhatsApp has not examined the screenshot detection feature yet.

Users can also use a different device to click a picture of the picture if necessary be. Like most features, this feature, too, is supporting development. WhatsApp does not appear to roll out a steady version of the feature anytime soon. However, even if it does, it will strive to see the light of the day due to the new rules in Europe