Google Stadia – Virtual Gaming Platform

Google stadia is a cloud gaming service developed and monitored by search engine giant Google. With Google stadia we can play games on our mobile without installing it. Just we need to reach their requirements to play any games which are available in Google. This stadia integrated with YouTube for previewing the game models like game teaser on mobile to experience the game.  

Features of Google Stadia:

  1. One of the biggest advantage of Google stadia is it doesn’t require any additional hardware to play it, only requiring condition is the device should have the high speed internet connection and support for Google Chrome.
  2. You can watch the game preview also on Google Stadia collaboration with YouTube. so, we can know what’s the interface of the game.
  3. Google Stadia supports streaming of games in HDR at 60fps with 4k resolution and for lasting 120fps at 8k resolution. Check this while choosing a mobile phone.
  4. Google stadia also improves the multiple players for some games.
  5. It’s initially launched in 2019 November in few countries but from June 2020 Google stadia available in most countries especially with android devices.
  6. In January 2020, Google announced over 120 games were released on stadia cloud gaming service.