Google People Card – New Style Google Resume For You

Recently the search engine giant Google introduced a feature called “People card” which allows us to create a powerful online presence and can discover others on this search engine also. Usually, people go for visiting cards to advertise themselves. But this new feature Google People Cards changes these visiting card phenomena. Let’s see how to create Google People Cards. Initially, this option is available only on mobile phones. Also read: Tips to Make Your Resume More Effective

How to create Google people card?

  1. First, log in through your Gmail account on your smartphone.
  2. Next, go to the Google option in your phone menu.
  3. Search your name as per it.
  4. Then you can see an option below the search bar like “add me to search”
  5. It will display a page that has a name, personal details, display picture, social media profile links, and personal profile website works.
  6. Fill it as your wish to display it on Google. (Here, Google also respected the user’s data privacy and it doesn’t accept any proper content/abusive words)
  7. Once everything is correctly entered then click on save.
  8. Every Google people card is authenticating with the registered mobile number.
  9. Each person can create only one people card.

Google also put together several security protections and controls on these people’s cards for security purposes. Let’s create your digital profile on Google.