What’s New in Google Photos

Yes, the wait is over. Google officially rolled out this Google Photos app update version to all the android mobiles at the end of June 2020. And this time Google says “This Google Photos app is your home of memories”. This time Google upgraded with features to this app like Photos, Search, Library, and Map view. Let’s see detailed updates of Google photos latest features,

Clear Layout:

A new interface we can see in these new Google photos and have three options in the bottom navigation bar of the app. They are Photos, Search, and Library.

  • Photos – we can see all our photos and videos here and videos in GIF mode. And this photos tab has the memory carousel option to view the older pics. Also read: Know more about YouTube ads
  • Search – Find people & pets, places by map option. By the map view also we can find our photos. By enabling location in the camera app we can set the location points for an image. And this can be done for all images in a manual process also. Like updating images with giving location details.
  • Library – we can access our albums, favorites, bin, archives, utilities, and print store options.

New Google Photos shows to the user memories like older photos, the family meets, pics of you and your friend’s images, Highlights of the last month’s pics. Also read: What is Google SEM?

Map View

This features asked by many users to the Google while the launching of the application. This map view shows your images as per the image location details. If the image taken in United States then the whole world map can be visible on the phone and in which United States those pics were taken those locations will be marked as a heat map. And if you forgot enabling option of the location in camera also no problem. You can add location to the images manual also.

New Icon – Google photos app enhanced with new icon in this new update.