Essentials for Digital Marketing Start up

A startup is a dream for most of the jobbers, tech enthusiasts, etc. In India, there is the highest percent of youth rather than the world. If the youth of this nation are in good technology and the business track they can create India to the global leader position. But most of the start-up companies are shut down in the first three years. Due to financial problems or lack of knowledge or a few other reasons. But few start-ups like the OYO group, mamaearth, Byju’s, Sharechat, boAt, etc. are ruling their clouds. So, when you going to start a business you should know the essential softwares for a start up and complete pulse of that business customers and how to manage their data. If you are going to start a digital marketing agency then you should aware the essential softwares for a Digital marketing agency.

This essential software for a start up helps you to analyze your online customer’s data, suggests where you need to advertise, creation of websites, creation beautiful images, content creation, and email marketing, SMS promotion, etc. Let’s look into deeper, what required essentials for a Digital marketing agency.

  1. Hosting Service
  2. Good Website
  3. Quality concept images
  4. Understandable Content
  5. Social Media Promotions
  6. E-Mail Marketing service
  7. Well Contact Service

Hosting Service

When you got customers for designing a website then you should have a separate hosting server. Always take the server which offers you unlimited websites, unlimited storage, and unlimited bandwidth. If you with a primary or standard plan it can capable of hosting not more than 3 websites. This will be affected by your Digital marketing business. An unlimited hosting server is useful when you got enough customers. I think you won’t stop your Digital marketing agency for three customer’s right. Important considerations while choosing a server.

  • It should be supportive for 24×7 on email, chat, WhatsApp service.
  • It doesn’t charge more for SSL certificates.
  • It should provide a free domain email support service.
  • Website uptime also an important thing while choosing a server.


Every business needs a website to advertise people what services they are offering. Nowadays everyone has mobiles and many of us on social media either Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, tinder, or any. So the business can be through these social media also.

Creating a website can be with Java, Python, HTML, PHP, WordPress, and Joomla. All are having their advantages. As a developer, you should think about which language is suitable for designing a website as per the business. In all these choices for the start-up to middle-level businesses, WordPress is the best and easy one. Because WordPress has many website templates (free themes and premium themes available) and plugins can be chosen from the WordPress tool. And WordPress doesn’t require any coding knowledge.

Conceptual Images

Images are essential to a website. Images are the representation of your services on the website. You can design the images with a paid version of the software or free. Like you can choose the free images which are available in the few sites. You can hire a designer also for this image creation. Software for creating high-quality images is Adobe Photoshop, Canva premium version, piktochart, etc. If you want to pick the images for free then you can refer websites like pixabay, deathtostockphoto, and Infographics related sites. You can choose as per the requirements.

Quality Content

Creating content for a website always deals with creativity and knowledge. You need to create content as per the project. If the project related to software organization then content should involve with the features of the software, the importance of software tools, services, and everything about it. Like as per the business or service you should include content. For this, you can hire content developers or if you well versed with creating topics/content you can go with it. The most important is here whatever the content you are developing it should be clear, meaningful, and plagiarism free.

Social Media Presence

Every business should have a good place in social media. If the business has well ranked in social media platforms it will be a great advantage to the growth of the business. As a start-up, that company should well plan their social media strategy. Like you need to prepare a social media calendar, Post as per the special day, Images should be implemented with proper logo and color choices, should maintain a good conversation with customers, a good followers network. You can increase the number of followers and page likes by going with the paid campaign also. In the market, you can choose Google AdWords, Facebook marketing, Instagram marketing, twitter ads, and linked in ads. They charge as per the duration of the campaign by taking consideration of the competitors.

Email Marketing Service

Even though if you are in social media also you should always in touch with the customers through mail services. In email campaigns, we can elaborate our services, promotional offers, quiz, quarter results, etc to the customers and stakeholders. Here you can choose free or premium email marketing networks like Zoho email service, MailChimp service, or any. As a start-up, we can go with a free version also. Once your network got bigger you can choose with premium plans.

Quality Customer Care

Any service should have a contact page. Because people want to know where you are from. And few business people want to meet you to experience your office premises, deep discussion, suggestions, etc. So a well and cleared contact us page should have in a digital marketing agency. And it should be placed with the social media address along with the Google address map. A customer care number also should be there in contact us page. Apart from this, your business page should have a premium or licensed antivirus software to pretend malware.