7 various uses of a pen drive

USB – Universal Serial Bus is an external serial bus interface standard for connecting different peripheral devices to a laptop or a personal computer through a USB port. There are 7 various uses of a pen drive and most of us we don’t know all of them. Generally we use the pen drives for copying and storing purpose only. Let’s get into the 7 various uses of a pen drive.

7 various uses of a pen drive:

1. Lock and unlock your PC – Mostly we use password to protect your PC or laptop from an unauthorized person. If you enter correct password only the PC or laptop will open else no. But your pen drive can be able to lock and unlock your pc or laptop. Do you know this trick?

You can lock and unlock your laptop or pc with a registered USB pen drive by simply downloading Predator application and complete the installation process on where ever your want either in laptop or your personal computer and register that pen drive with that application. And complete the remaining process which is like signup or any. This is a free version only and you no need to purchase a licensed one.

2. Run portable applications – Many of us in our daily work life we access the browsers like Microsoft Bing, Google chrome or Mozilla Firefox in our systems. If you change or if you are doing work from any other pc or laptop which don’t have such internet browsers, email tools, notepads, or any important work tools we can store such type of applications in pen drive and easily we can do our work by this trick.

3. Improve your Computer performance – This trick really needful for you. If your computer running out of lower RAM performance, you can boost it by your pen drive. To do this, just activate the Ready Boost in the internal option of the windows operating system. This option enables the pen drive also can be used as a RAM for some time. Just go to windows explorer and right click and go to properties option. Then in a new window you can identify the ready boost option tab and you can complete the remaining steps.

4. Backup your data – with help of windows32 Disk Imager tool you can back up your important drives of your hard disc as a disc images into your pen drive. This option helps you to take previous files even if you removed it from your laptop or personal computer.

5. Access some of your important files anywhere –You can save your personal documents like passport, election card, Aadhaar card, PAN card, passport photo copies or educational certificates in your pen drive. Even if you have them in any cloud also in few time we may got problems while accessing it due to internet speed or any issue. So, if you store your personal important documents in your personal pen drive then it is easy to access in your emergency times.

6. Install operating system – In previous days we often use a CD to install any operating system in laptop or PC. But you can install it from a pen drive also. If you have an operating system file in your pen drive then you can modify it into a bootable disc and you can use it for installing operating system in your computer or laptop.

7. Use it as an OTG – OTG (On The Go) cable gives you a comfortable option like you can connect your pen drive to your smart phone or tablet and you can read and write means you can copy and paste files from pen drive to mobile and mobile to pen drive without connecting it to a system.Nowmost of the mobile phones and tablets supporting the OTG option. So, with OTG cable you can connect pen drive to your smart phones and tablets.